Paper Record




Arjowiggins, a paper manufacturer and seller in the UK, and Sony Music wanted a creative way to connect with the youths of today, an audience completely new to the idea of receiving physical communications from brands.

We married paper with the one thing most youths love: music. Paper records were sent out to youths worldwide, inspired by the current trend and rising interest of vinyl records.

The books were created to imitate records and each book, like a record, is vastly different from one another. We aim to give young listeners a taste of a forgotten part of music: tangibility. We captured the original experience of discovering new music and holding it in your hands for the first time, redefined and translated in a modern context that allows readers to use the Paper Records in sync with actual music for a complete user experience.

As you flip through each page in time with the inspired song, you take a journey with us, experiencing the highs and lows, the fast and slows and more importantly the soul of every tune. In your hands you hold a single, played with your device but quantified with paper.

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© MarcusLimSO