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Singapore Adventurers’ Club
Singapore Adventurers’ Club

Brand Identity Design

Singapore Adventurers’ Club is an outdoors exploration company founded August, 1963. With their sights set on adventure, they’ve led many a young pioneer on breathtaking expeditions around the world. Decades later,all that’s left of SAC are a small handful of adventurers.

This rebranding project was initiated to give SAC, a brand in desperate need of an overhaul, a younger look and voice; to get back that spirit of adventure they’ve long lost.
The mark was largely designed to resemble a compass, because no adventurer should leave home without one, but also borrows elements from other symbols and icons out in the field. The list of key influences include: a tent, campgrounds, and mountains.

If the logo was a means of finding the brand’s place, then the rest of the identity is a means of navigating with SAC’s audience. In that spirit, the identity borrows a system of maps and is completely integrated across all touch-points. In the same way a real map is only part of a bigger one, each piece of material designed is intended to weave a larger brand presence.

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