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Crowbar Awards 2014 24 Hour Challenge: Gold

Youths in Singapore aren’t the biggest fans of Stomp, a citizen journalist site, citing it as bad publicity and a bane to our society with their open-sourced format.

How do we change that mindset?

While citizen journalism can quite often be bad (because anyone is allowed to author articles and create content), it has the potential for good.  Across the world, in areas that is inaccessible to traditional media companies, citizen journalism has proven to be an effective means of informing the outside world of the place’s current situation.

The solution, in a “sorry-not-sorry” fashion, was to create a series of raw apologies, taking note of our misguidings, and turning it against the audience, reminding them that it’s this uncensored approach to news that makes it so real in the first place.

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