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One Day I Will Die On Mars
Editorial/Publication Design

Original Author:
Paul Ford

One Day, I Will Die on Mars is a short story/article written by Paul Ford. The story depicts three voices; their different points of view during the process of ordering cat food through Uber. In designing this as a publication, I was confronted with the question as how this information could best be represented as a singular visual concept. The article impressed upon me a feeling of visual mess, as if the voices were just getting lost amongst one another.

On top of that, the story was detailing human emotions and characters within a digital space, which made the voices feel robotic, or cold, or like update posts from a social platform. I decided that the theme of the design should revolve around a digital landscape and I would reference website and computer elements to create the publication.
This publication was designed as an homage to the interface. Each page was crafted as a layer, and together worked as if pop-ups on a computer would, not just by providing one with information, but by creating a visual mess on one’s browser. This created an interesting and visually distinct object quality to the publication, and allowed each page to not just work on its own, but together, to build a larger identity for the book. The pages itself are designed to reference different types of text-input application or software, and chat or social platforms.

Since the publication was required to be french folded, I took it as an opportunity to hide something within the folds. Each page’s text was transcribed to the computer’s binary language, and placed as an underlying layer, mimicking the way that our digital landscapes actually work.

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