Chili’s —

Value Wars


With the price of fast food rising, it’s hard to figure out how a place like Chili’s is able to offer their food at such great value. 

Could be because... 
Ad Age︎︎︎, Muse by Clio︎︎︎, Little Black Book︎︎︎, CNBC︎︎︎

Role: Art Director
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Copywriter: Evan Shisler
Producer: Danielle Balanov
Accounts: Tyler Harris, Diana Baran, Ariana Revelas, Anthony Williams
Group Creative Directors: Ross Fletcher & Howard Finkelstein
Executive Creative Directors: Bianca Guimaraes & Kevin Mulroy

Director: Mike Warzin
Production: Arts and Sciences
Editor: Ali Mao; Arcade

Colorist: Tim Masick
Sound: Evan Mangiamele; Heard City

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