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My name is Marcus 👋🏻, & I'm an art director born in Singapore 🇸🇬  raised on long-plays, sitcoms and old pokemon games. Now I’m in New York 🍎, into framed art prints, into youtube documentaries, into childhood hobbies I can’t drop, in a food insider video (I don’t remember signing a waiver for) and in too deep making Mischief.

Here’s a list of other Stuff I’m Into.

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+1 (718) 316 8968 (United States)


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Work 🗄

Mischief USA
︎︎︎Art director; June 2022 – Present
︎︎︎Junior Art Director; Aug 2021 – Jun 2022

BBDO Asia/Singapore
︎︎︎Freelance Art Director; 2020
︎︎︎Art director Intern; 2019

Goodfellas SG
︎︎︎Art director Intern; 2018, 2014

Singapore Armed Forces
︎︎︎HQ 9DIV/INF; 2016 – 2018

Grey Digital
︎︎︎ Creative Intern (Copy); 2015

School 🎓

BFA Advertising (Honors)
︎︎︎School of Visual Arts; 2018 – 2021

Diploma in Visual Communication & Media Design
(Associate Degree)
︎︎︎Singapore Polytechnic; 2012 – 2015

Bigger Ups 🏅 (Professional Awards)


London International Awards
︎︎︎ 2023 Creative LIAisons Mentee


Young Shits
︎︎︎ The Shit that won, WeWork Where You Work, June-July

The One Show
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Direct: Physical Items

The Webby Awards︎︎︎ Webby Winner, Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Social - Television & Film
︎︎︎ Honoree; Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Advertising, Media & PR - Best Launch
Big Ups 🥇 (Student Awards)


ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Bronze Cube, Roomba Works On This Too; Advertising, Out of Home

Graphis New Talent Annual
︎︎︎ Silver, Nike Hoopboxes; Advertising
︎︎︎ Silver, Napkin Novels; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Roomba Works On This Too; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Doritos Flamin’ Hot; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Seventh Generation Recycled Posters; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Biased To The Truth; Design


D&AD New Blood
︎︎︎ Wood Pencil, Napkin Novels; Penguin

One Show Young Ones
︎︎︎ Gold, DeTours; Experiential

ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Silver Cube, Napkin Novels; Design for Good - Advertising

New York Festivals
︎︎︎ Bronze, Napkin Novels; Positive World Impact
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Avant-Garde/Innovative
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Public Relations
︎︎︎ Finalist, Napkin Novels; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Biased To The Truth; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Biased To The Truth; Positive World Impact


One Show Young Ones
︎︎︎ Gold, Biased To The Truth; Integrated
︎︎︎ Silver, Biased To The Truth; Experiential
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Print
︎︎︎ Merit, Cruise Tunes; Experiential

ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Bronze Cube, Headlines Fired; Design for Good - Integrated

New York Festivals
︎︎︎ Bronze, Headlines Fired; Positive World Impact
︎︎︎ Finalist, Headlines Fired; Avant Garde/Innovative
︎︎︎ Finalist, Headlines Fired; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Headlines Fired; Digital/Mobile

Graphis New Talent
︎︎︎ Platinum, Small Problem; Advertising
︎︎︎ Gold, The Grave Label; Advertising
︎︎︎ Gold, Terminal 5; Design
︎︎︎ Silver, Foot Dryer; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Good Food; Advertising


Crowbar Awards
︎︎︎ Silver, Conversations; Print
︎︎︎ Bronze, Conversations; Art Direction
︎︎︎ Bronze, Foot Dryer; Print
︎︎︎ Bronze, Foot Dryer; Art Direction
︎︎︎ Bronze, Small Problem; Print
︎︎︎ Finalist, The Grave Label; Direct

Graphis New Talent
︎︎︎ Silver, Conversations; Advertising

Young Shits
︎︎︎ The Shortlisted Shit, Unscrollable; July/Netflix


Crowbar Awards
︎︎︎ Gold, We’re Sorry We’re Real; 24 Hour Advertising Challenge

Spikes Asia
︎︎︎ Young Creative Academy
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