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My name is Marcus 👋🏻, & I'm an art director born in Singapore 🇸🇬 and raised on long-plays, sitcoms and old pokemon games. Now I’m in New York 🍎, into framed art prints, into bad-in-a-good-way reality tv, in a food insider video (I don’t remember signing a waiver for) and in too deep making Mischief.

Here’s a list of other Stuff I’m Into.

Let’s Get Physical 🕺🏻

+1 (718) 316 8968 (United States)


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Field Experience 🗄

︎︎︎Art director; June 2022 – Present
︎︎︎Junior Art Director; Aug 2021 – Jun 2022

BBDO Asia/Singapore
︎︎︎Freelance Art Director; 2020
︎︎︎Art director Intern; 2019

Goodfellas SG
︎︎︎Art director Intern; 2018, 2014

Singapore Armed Forces
︎︎︎HQ 9DIV/INF; 2016 – 2018

Grey Digital
︎︎︎ Creative Intern (Copy); 2015

My Dojos 🎓

BFA Advertising (Honors)
︎︎︎School of Visual Arts; 2018 – 2021
︎SVA Junior Portfolio 5.0/5.0
︎Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship (2018 – 2021)
︎Henry Wolf Scholarship (2019, 2020)
︎2018/FA - Term Honors
︎2019/SP - High Term Honors
︎2019/FA - Term Honors
︎2020/SP - High Term Honors
︎2020/FA - High Term Honors
︎School of Visual Arts Rhodes Family Award
︎GPA: 3.95

Diploma in Visual Communication & Media Design
(Associate Degree)
︎︎︎Singapore Polytechnic; 2012 – 2015

My “Profesh” Stash 🏆


London International Awards
︎︎︎ 2023 Creative LIAisons Mentee


Young Shits
︎︎︎ The Shit that won, WeWork Where You Work, June-July

The One Show
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Direct: Physical Items

The Webby Awards
︎︎︎ Webby Winner, Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Social - Television & Film
︎︎︎ Honoree; Netflix Lucifer Cash in On Sin, Advertising, Media & PR - Best Launch

My Student Stash 🥇


ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Bronze Cube, Roomba Works On This Too; Advertising, Out of Home

Graphis New Talent Annual
︎︎︎ Silver, Nike Hoopboxes; Advertising
︎︎︎ Silver, Napkin Novels; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Roomba Works On This Too; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Doritos Flamin’ Hot; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Seventh Generation Recycled Posters; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Biased To The Truth; Design


D&AD New Blood
︎︎︎ Wood Pencil, Napkin Novels; Penguin

One Show Young Ones
︎︎︎ Gold, DeTours; Experiential

ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Silver Cube, Napkin Novels; Design for Good - Advertising

New York Festivals
︎︎︎ Bronze, Napkin Novels; Positive World Impact
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Avant-Garde/Innovative
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Public Relations
︎︎︎ Finalist, Napkin Novels; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Biased To The Truth; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Biased To The Truth; Positive World Impact


One Show Young Ones
︎︎︎ Gold, Biased To The Truth; Integrated
︎︎︎ Silver, Biased To The Truth; Experiential
︎︎︎ Bronze, Biased To The Truth; Print
︎︎︎ Merit, Cruise Tunes; Experiential

ADC Young Ones
︎︎︎ Bronze Cube, Headlines Fired; Design for Good - Integrated

New York Festivals
︎︎︎ Bronze, Headlines Fired; Positive World Impact
︎︎︎ Finalist, Headlines Fired; Avant Garde/Innovative
︎︎︎ Finalist, Headlines Fired; Direct & Collateral
︎︎︎ Shortlist, Headlines Fired; Digital/Mobile

Graphis New Talent
︎︎︎ Platinum, Small Problem; Advertising
︎︎︎ Gold, The Grave Label; Advertising
︎︎︎ Gold, Terminal 5; Design
︎︎︎ Silver, Foot Dryer; Advertising
︎︎︎ Honorable Mention, Good Food; Advertising


Crowbar Awards
︎︎︎ Silver, Conversations; Print
︎︎︎ Bronze, Conversations; Art Direction
︎︎︎ Bronze, Foot Dryer; Print
︎︎︎ Bronze, Foot Dryer; Art Direction
︎︎︎ Bronze, Small Problem; Print
︎︎︎ Finalist, The Grave Label; Direct

Graphis New Talent
︎︎︎ Silver, Conversations; Advertising

Young Shits
︎︎︎ The Shortlisted Shit, Unscrollable; July/Netflix


Crowbar Awards
︎︎︎ Gold, We’re Sorry We’re Real; 24 Hour Advertising Challenge

Spikes Asia
︎︎︎ Young Creative Academy

Extra, Extra! 🗞

AdAge #1 Agency A-List 2022
SVA and BYU Lead Winners in Young Ones Student Awards 2020
GDUSA Students to Watch 2021
Graphis New Talent Annual 2020
Singapore Polytechnic Wins the 24 Hour Advertising Challenge
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