Tinder —

It’s October 3rd

Romance scammers are everywhere, ruining online (and offline) dating for everyone. On World Romance Scam Prevention Day (October 3rd*), Tinder dropped a PSA to spread awareness about the common scams its users face, enlisting the help of someone who knows a thing or two about mean people: Aaron Samuels.

Get in loser, it’s October 3rd.

*Also Mean Girls Day.

Peaked at 1.7 million views on Instagram and 14.8 million on TikTok, which was very, very grool.
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Role: Art Director
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Copywriter: Evan Shisler
Producer: Hannah Kessler
Accounts: Tyler Harris, Maddy Vonderhaar
Executive Creative Director: Bianca Guimaraes

Production: Strike Anywhere
Director: Pete Marquis
Post: Good Behavior + Dick Gordon

Freelance Colorist: Iris Devins

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